Before You Buy A French Sofa, You Must Know That These Will Not Suffer

- Apr 24, 2018 -

French Sofa bed can be regarded as a second home, and sit cross-legged, reclining, tummy, how can sit crooked, this is not an alternative second home in paradise ah! If you pick the French Sofa was not good, but will affect the self The degree of ease. Learn to understand what kind of French Sofa is right for you.

Before you buy a French Sofa, you must know that these will not suffer

First, the choice of French Sofa type

1. The leather French Sofa is the French Sofa most desired by Chinese families. The lasting comfort it brings will not be lost due to the passage of time.

2, linen fabric French Sofa, breathable, able to absorb moisture, and the more you use the softer.

3. The sponge layer of the high-back French Sofa fits the body outline so that the lumbar spine and neck can be supported with plenty of relief.

Second, the charm of French Sofa blankets and pillows

1, these textile accessories can not only add your comfortable experience, but also add a soft and warm feeling for the French Sofa.

2. Mix several kinds of accessories with different colors, materials and shapes, and decorate the entire air of the space to create a new French Sofa.

Warm tips

1, do not have to be large French Sofas, single French Sofa and two-seat French Sofa combination of sensitive and light, more suitable for more than one party.

2. It's also possible to replace the French Sofa with an armchair. As long as you're comfortable, you're OK.

3, tatami French Sofa with a strong storage function is a good choice for small family houses.

4. Co-operation facilitates the movement of the side tables, allowing the functions of the French Sofa to become fuller, sitting anywhere there is easily accessible, and lazy people have lazy people's smart living methods.

To stay away from embarrassment, you must walk a thousand miles away and pick a suitable piece of furniture so that you can enjoy stability and comfort at home.

Home Feng Shui, the bedroom is the most important, but the living room can not be vague, the most conspicuous living room, the most important furniture is the French Sofa, so the French Sofa Feng Shui also have to be elegant.

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