Factors To Consider When Buying A French Sofa

- Apr 24, 2018 -

When we buy a French Sofa, we need to consider many factors, because it is related to the family's comfort and happiness. Xiao Bian thinks, mainly from the following aspects:

1, French Sofa size, many French Sofas can be dismantled, but also can not be dismantled, to tell to sell your French Sofa how wide your elevator, how much the door, and so on, to prevent too much into the door (especially European French Sofa) One more thing is for the size of your living room.

2, French Sofa material, fabric French Sofa pay attention to see if the fabric is easy to clean, and now some fabrics have been done can be directly stained with wet rag tea washed; leather French Sofa, then pay attention to whether leather or leather, or just the human body contact surface leather and so on; The dermis is also divided into a layer of leather and two layers of leather. The first layer of skin is soft, and the seat feels very good. The second skin is stiff. If you look at the material on the main frame of the French Sofa, some French Sofas can be unzipped by the zipper under the French Sofa. Try to move like yourself, with a preference for wood; then there is the density of the cushion sponge. The sponge with higher density will be more useful, and it will feel harder; the key to real Chinese style French Sofas is to see what kind of wood is, and generally oak is enough;

3, French Sofa maintenance, fabric French Sofa should pay attention to whether the removable cushion and backrest place, easy to take apart and wash is good, leather French Sofas and Chinese solid wood French Sofa, then there is no such problem;

This is the news content of this issue. I hope that you can remember these suggestions and use them in real life.

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