French Sofa Is The Main Composition Of French Furniture

- Apr 24, 2018 -

French sofa is the main composition of French furniture, with a strong medieval aristocratic court color, magnificent, showing a strong aristocratic atmosphere.

French sofa is a manifestation of aristocratic temperament. The French sofa has a strong aristocratic court color in the Middle Ages. It is finely crafted and rich in artistic flavor. Louis XIV’s hedonism determined the law

The luxury of the furniture, the gorgeousness of the French sofa is a manifestation of the noble authority of the ruler, and Louis XIV's bravery and determination determine the French furniture is the sculpting table French trio sand found the characteristics of strength, advocating the wood itself Natural aesthetic curves and delicate original lines.

According to historical development, French sofas can be divided into baroque, rococo, neoclassical, and emperor-style as French style.

Baroque refers to the French popular style of Louis XIV in France, with an exaggerated and heavy classical form. Its furniture is characterized by: pursuit of complicated and exaggerated, magnificent, imposing, giving more imagination dynamic. During this period, people changed the backrest and seat surface of the sofa into a textile fabric, which was filled with soft brown, hemp, horsetail, and cotton. The comfort of the seat was greatly improved. In order to guarantee the noble and splendid palace furniture, the choice of textile fabrics is very particular. The fine-weave woolen colored weaving blankets produced by Shengxier Town are used. In addition to flowers and geometric patterns, the patterns on the blankets are also popular with Greek myths and fables. . The most notable feature is that the sofa's straight legs become curved legs, the lower part of the sofa has diagonal braces, and the structure is solid.

The Rococo style, also known as the French Louis XV style, is characterized by the decline of the European feudal aristocratic culture as a background, French sofa showing the aesthetic concept and ideological sentiment of aristocratic families who had lost their nobility. They could not stand the serious rationalism of classicalism and Baroque's ambiguity. The pursuit of beauty and leisure, with feminine femininity, the most famous design is the chair leg with ballet as the prototype. Its furniture features: In the pursuit of color Sang pure, simple, simple, in the design of the pursuit of smooth lines and beautiful shape, in terms of structure in line with human scale, pay attention to comfort. Like to use asymmetrical, broken curves and flowers, twisted swirls, shells, signs of love, flowers and animals. The furniture is light and easy to move. The sofa is softer in color, and the beige and white feminine pattern is its main color. The leg of the sofa has no side rails.

The main appeal of neoclassicalism was the period of French Louis XVI. The characteristics of the furniture were: lighter, more feminine, and softer, French sofa considering stacking design. Decorative patterns are mainly rosettes, and bouquets, ribbons and cup-shaped items are tied to beautiful rosettes. The legs of the sofa are replaced with straight lines from the curved legs, and tapering down toward the lower part. The seats are equipped with cushions. The back of the sofa is rectangular, oval or round, and the metal inlays the Nishinomiya and gold plating. The decor is very elegant and the patterns are from Greece.

The emperor style existed during the French imperial period. The furniture features: furniture with a strong curve and majestic proportions, heavy body. The appearance of the sofa is symmetrical and unified, with a dark pinned adhesive structure, heavy flat wood and bronze brackets, inlaid silver, bas-relief, and gold plating. French sofa The swirl curves and a small amount of decorative lines are widely used.

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