High Back Sofa

- Nov 17, 2018 -

High back sofa: also known as air seat. Its characteristic is to have 3 fulcrum, make the person's waist, shoulder, afterbrain leans on curved surface back at the same time. These 3 support point do not form a straight line on the space, make this kind of sofa technical requirement is higher consequently, choose difficulty to be bigger also when buying. Make the wooden frame of tall back sofa, must make the twist face that 3 o 'clock place makes clearly on the shelf, undertake the working procedure such as sofa mask hard to ensure the position of support point otherwise, bring uncomfortableness to user feeling. When sofa of high back of choose and buy, should notice the composition of 3 support points of its backside is reasonable, appropriate, can try a seat to try to judge. The high back sofa is evolved from the reclining chair. To improve rest function, still can deserve to make footrest, before placing sofa, its height can be the foreland high with sofa seat face is same.

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