Bush sr. flashed his socks with Clinton

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Former US President George h.w. bush has a penchant for conspicuous socks, according to western media. He gave Clinton a surprise when his White House successor, former democratic President Bill Clinton, visited him at his vacation home in Maine.

Former President George h.w. bush and Bill Clinton, far from politics, have been on good terms, visiting the bush family's predecessor on more than one occasion, Spanish newspaper el pais reported on June 26. Bush senior, 94, is in poor health. At a recent meeting, bush sr. beckoned Clinton to look at his socks. Clinton found his face on blue socks.

The two Shared photos of the meeting on social media, the report said. As bush sat in his wheelchair, Clinton smiled at the camera and pointed to the socks with his face on his feet. "There was a special meeting today with a great friend who is now the best-selling author," bush sr. tweeted. Fortunately, I was wearing a pair of Bill Clinton socks that had just been washed for this meeting.

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