Sofa Should Pay Attention To Style Matching

- Apr 24, 2018 -

When we buy a sofa, we not only need to look at the quality, but also pay attention to the matching of the style, which is to match the style of the sofa according to the decoration style of the living room. Here's a brief introduction to several styles of sofas and how to match them.

American-style living room is usually more spacious, with a simple and spacious American sofa, heavy solid wood edge with the same style of wine cabinet, adding a thick American style for the living room.

Rural wind can always give people a quiet and comfortable feeling away from irritability. When you feel distraught, pastoral scenery can make you feel safe and quiet. Suitable for the pastoral style sofa structure with more straight lines, style design more atmospheric, advocating the return to nature, showing leisure, comfortable, natural pastoral life fun. In the choice of sofa fabrics, small floral, small squares and other patterns are a good choice.

White, natural materials, and color matching are the three keys to Nordic style. Therefore, curtains, sofas, cabinets and other household items mostly use white and gray colors, creating a pure and ethereal space.

Chinese style living room with style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture and decorations above. A large number of symmetrical arrangements make the entire living room elegant, sleek and strong colors. The choice of sofa in the Chinese style living room is also suitable for wooden Chinese style sofas. This kind of sofa has both arc design and a large number of straight lines, whether it is the entire outline, or the handrails, cushions; Side view, linear design and match with the arc are in line with the modern aesthetic and unconstrained way of thinking.

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