Should the baby wear socks when sleeping

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Recently, I often see the topic of whether to wear socks at night when my baby is sleeping. But other precious mother thinks: the weather is so hot, the baby bare foot ya can, wear pair of socks can affect the baby blood circulation instead.

Should the baby wear socks when sleeping?

The pediatrician said: the baby's resistance is very weak, generally at night when sleeping is easy to catch cold, so it is recommended to put the baby socks to sleep when the weather is cold. But if it's a hot summer day and your baby runs all day, there's no problem sleeping barefoot at night.

Forcing him to wear socks can interfere with his baby's sleep because of the high temperature. Have parents to say, at ordinary times the baby foot is cool, how to not wear socks?

Actually baby feet cool is very normal phenomenon, because the feet and hands are furthest away from the heart, when the foot touches the ground, will automatically shrinkage capillary, reduce the heat dissipation, so parents to touch the baby feet at ordinary times is cold also is very normal.

To determine if your baby feels cold, touch your neck and back. If your baby's back is warm and warm and doesn't feel sweaty, that means it's warm. Of course, if the air conditioner in your home is cold, your baby does need socks for a night's sleep.

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