Take You To Understand The Style Of French Furniture

- Apr 24, 2018 -

French furniture is rich in aristocratic court colors, exquisite work, rich in strong artistic atmosphere. Today Xiao Bian takes you to understand the style of French furniture.

The style of French furniture is divided into four categories in chronological order: baroque, rococo, neoclassical, and emperor. In the elegant and romantic main tone, each has its own characteristics. Baroque magnificent magnificent; Rococo-style beauty and soft; neo-classical exquisite elegance; imperial style vigorous and majestic. France is a country that understands life. Its fashion, perfume, and cooking are world-famous. French furniture, which is part of French-style living, is no exception. It inherits the unique temperament of the French. Perfect and sensual.

French furniture is known for its purity, simplicity and simplicity. Love the romantic French prefer bright colors, with beige, white, and primary colors as the most. Therefore, some people call French furniture "inductive furniture." In a civilized country with a long history, the most important thing is to maintain and develop its fine collections rich in national traditions and characteristics in various regions. For example, Chinese solid wood furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties have been popular with people for centuries. French ancient dynasty furniture is also appreciated by furniture lovers all over the world for its exquisite workmanship and classical and elegant style. Rococo style is still the most representative style in French style. It is famous for its smooth lines and aesthetic style. It has been widely recognized and respected. The feminine femininity of the Rococo style, the most obvious feature is the chair leg with ballet as the prototype, you can feel that kind of elegance and elegance, the rhythm beauty that melts into the furniture. It focuses on the characteristics of curves. Most of the backrests, armrests, legs, and frames are carefully and elegantly carved. The top beams of the seat backs are exquisitely combined with exquisite undulations “C” and “S” vortex patterns, and the legs are curved and curved. The seat leg with the animal paw catching ball, the back beam and the front beam of the picture frame have shellfish carving. The complicated design and fine workmanship make French furniture expensive.

However, French furniture still has many fans, because French furniture can perceive the long history of culture in France. Aromas of acorn trees, hand-made soft luster, French-style country classics series were born in the inspiration of French joinery craftsmen. With true simplicity and original elegance, traces of history can be seen from above. The life of a French country home is an elegant style between the bustling city and the town’s nature. French furniture is also rich in aristocratic court colors, rich in art and culture. Emphasize hand-carved and elegant retro style. Such as: French style with mahogany as the main material, the use of complete manual exquisite carving, retaining the elegant shape and delicate lines, so that the furniture has a more rustic flavor. The seats and backs of French classical furniture have cushion designs, which are woven with ornate damasks to increase the comfort of the ride. There are also a large number of inlaid, gold-plated and lacquer wares that mainly play a decorative role in the furniture. In addition, there are so-called antique black scratches on the surface of many French furniture. Such scratches are not a quality problem, but the furniture makers have deliberately tried to imitate the ancient furniture. The furniture left a trace of history.

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