Talking About The French Sofa's Overall Shaping And Purchasing Methods

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Modern people have a large demand for houses, and the quality requirements for house renovation and home furnishings are also increasing. French Sofas often become the center of the entire living room decoration, into the living room, often people's eyes stay on the French Sofa, a beautiful design, outstanding personality French Sofa, often add a lot to your living room. Therefore, in recent years, people have begun to pay great attention to the purchase of French Sofas.

Cloth French Sofa as a member of the large family of French Sofas, has a pivotal position in the traditional French Sofa market. For a fabric French Sofa, the fabric is like a person's clothes, and it is the first element of a French Sofa to attract people's attention. A uniquely designed fabric French Sofa must do a lot of work on its fabric design. The advantage of a fabric French Sofa is that its fabric can be changed and matched according to each person's different aesthetic requirements. Therefore, fabric French Sofas are also varied in different families.

Changing for a French Sofa does not mean changing the coat of the entire French Sofa. Just add a travel blanket that has been used in the wild on the armrest, backrest, and seat of the French Sofa to decorate our French Sofa. With the popular style. It can be seen that the flexibility of the fabric French Sofa matches. For fabric French Sofas, its maintenance is also relatively simple compared to leather French Sofas. It is only necessary to remove the fabrics wrapped around the French Sofa and use different methods to clean them. During cleaning, different cleaning methods should be taken for different fabrics. In the purchase of fabric French Sofas, we can refer to Xiaobian's opinions and ideas:

1. Pay attention to fabric and color

In living room French Sofas, fabrics with thick textures such as velvet or fabric French Sofas are preferred, and the color should be coordinated with the interior decoration style. The French Sofa in the bedroom, in addition to the overall coordination with the interior decoration style, should choose warm, romantic, and quiet colors; the choice of fabric is to feel comfortable with knitted nylon and long-haired fabrics, which is enthusiasm It is elegant and gives a feeling of comfort.

2. Check the structure of the French Sofa

Before choosing a French Sofa, consumers can push the French Sofa to the left and right hands to see if the overall structure of the French Sofa is firm. If the hand feels shaking or making a noise, it means that the structure is not firm. When pushing the French Sofa, it slides freely and the screws are full. If the French Sofa is composed of decorative or plywood, it is important to see if the two materials are sticky and broken. Especially in the steel structure French Sofa, the weld is a key, try to open the part that can be opened, carefully look carefully to avoid loosening after sitting.

If it is a wooden fabric French Sofa, the main frame part generally adopts a squat structure. If it is found that the internal frame is all assembled from nails, it must not be purchased.

3. Pay attention to the hidden part of the French Sofa

Consumers should be aware that the general furniture business introduces its own strengths when introducing its own products. For those who avoid content, such as the French Sofa sponge, if the handle is bumpy, or sitting down without flexibility, such a French Sofa should be carefully bought. Second, pay attention to details such as whether the exposed metal accessories have metal burrs, acute angles, or whether the armrests of the French Sofa are uneven or not.

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