The Chair Maintenance

- Nov 15, 2018 -

1. Avoid placing cups or tableware with hot water or hot soup directly on the table, and keep them separated from the table by cup or heat insulation.

2, if be put for a long time hot implement at the desktop, leave a trace of white circle, can use cotton to dip camphor oil to wipe at this time, along white scale trace is like the picture circle ground to and fro, should can easily remove trace.

3, vitreous mensal is white scale, want to pour some of go to besmirch oil in bai zhi place, reoccupy old filar socks erases can.

4. For colored wooden tables and chairs, you can first use the dye to make the complementary color in the scratch area, and then apply the light wax evenly on the surface after the dye dries.

5. As the restaurant is usually located next to the kitchen, the tables and chairs are easy to be contaminated with lampblack. Users should wipe frequently to reduce the attachment of dust so as to facilitate cleaning in the future.

6. To avoid oil pollution contamination hard to remove, may as well use chair cover to protect your love chair, in the careless dirt, you only need to remove the chair cover cleaning, convenient and easy, not to hurt the table and chair.

7. The surface of marble dining table and chair is worn, which can be polished to restore luster.

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