The Edouard Mosel Nobel Prize Medical Biology Laboratory Was Established

- Jul 04, 2018 -

On July 3, the signing ceremony of the chief scientist of the yimai international center for medical aging and the establishment of the edouard mosel Nobel Prize medical biology laboratory was held. Huang haifeng, the county party secretary, and professor Edward mercer, the Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, opened the laboratory.

Our county in recent years, give full play to the unique ecological environment and rich medical resources advantages, key support and development of health industry, raise industry and so on five big sig to broaden the "two mountain" into the channel, to speed up the "health of thousand island lake" such as the "big five" thousand island lake "brand building, as carried out" thousand island lake xiushui fumin road, the construction firm sig "strategy, implement the" two mountain "thousand island lake high level transformation, sig an effective way for the development of high quality.

Professor Edward mossall is an academician of the royal Norwegian academy of sciences and founding director of the kavaliko institute of systems neuroscience and the centre for memory biology at the Norwegian university of science and technology. Edward mossall and his wife have led a series of cutting-edge research into brain mechanisms over the past few decades and won the 2014 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. The he hired to be thousand million beauty international medical anti-aging center chief scientist, set up in the center, "Edward sol Nobel medical biology laboratory", sig for ChunAn further agglomeration, high-end talent development industry and expand the international popularity, make "health thousand island lake" brand provides a strong support.

Professor Edward mo sol said, science without borders, hope to be able to put the international medical anti-aging center and medical biology laboratory set up to become a world-class platform, attract more international famous experts to the communication and cooperation, deepen the international medical scientific research cooperation, and through medical cooperation, make the thousand island lake connected with the world's communication more closely.

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