The Principle That Sofa Puts

- Jan 14, 2019 -

Appropriate of fold sofa backside has rely on

Alleged have rely on, those who point to is backer, it is to point to sofa to have solid wall to be reliable after, do not have trouble of the back at home, such ability accords with geomantic way. If sofa backside is window, door or corridor, without solid wall reliable, then be equivalent to backside without backer, empty one, show the bureau that come loose, put flourishing gas hard. Come from contemporary psychology respect, sofa backside does not have rely on, make the person lacks safe feeling, always have the feeling that backside suffers attack, better the back relies on a wall to come feel at ease. Alternative method is to put short ark or screen after, with "man-made backer" will give remedy.

Of folding sofa top avoid beam is pressed on the top

If there is crossbeam above of sofa, this belongs to crossbeam to press top, very big to the person below sitting, should avoid as far as possible. North in the decoration of the beam package. Two is on the tea table of both sides of sofa, put two to start carry bamboo, press in order to assume crossbeam top.

The swing of a folding sofa

The place law of sofa has an arm to stretch out each on both sides advisable, indicative left and right sides is protected hold. If because the area is too small and cannot do left and right sides protect hold, retreat and beg next, can be in go water level furnishs another sofa, in order to form the bureau that gathers water, this also accords with geomantic way.

Selection of folding sets

The sofa is distinguished by its shape, including single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, curved sofa and round sofa, etc. Distinguish with material, have leather to make sofa, cloth to make sofa, cane makes sofa and traditional acerbity branch chair; With color and modelling respect divisional, more the pattern is various. The number of sets of sitting room sofa, most avoid is a half or radius sofa and use.

Folding sofa placement

Sofa appropriate is put in the auspicious square of the residence. The tradition thinks, put in auspicious position, a old and young can get its flourishing gas; If a mistake is placed in the wrong place, the whole family will suffer from it, and there will be no peace.

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