- Dec 24, 2018 -

Velvet is the name of a silk fabric in which piles or piles are formed on the surface of the fabric. Also known as velvet, it was named after its origin in the Zhangzhou area of Fujian Province, China. It has been produced in large quantities in the Ming Dynasty and is one of the traditional Chinese fabrics. There are two types of flowers and vegetarians, such as the double-faced velvet four-in-one embroidered dragon-filled women's clothing unearthed from Mingding Mausoleum in Beijing, and the blue single-faced velvet women's clothing.

From the Ming Dynasty to the Nanjing Jiangning Weaving House, the velvet was developed into a unique carved velvet in Nanjing. The craftsmanship of carved velvet is extremely complicated and fine: it is made up of two groups of meridians and two sets of wefts. The colors are purple, dark green, vermilion, crab green and bronze. The traditional patterns of carved velvet have Feng Opera Peony, Wufuhou Shou, Meilan Zhuju, Sanduo, Eight Immortals, etc. Velvet can be used to make garments, hats, silk velvet carpets and ornaments. In 2007, the velvet weaving technique was successfully included in the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jiangsu Province". Yin Zhicong, director of Nanjing Hantang Brocade Research Institute, and Dai Chunming, director of Danyang Chunming Cashmere Factory, became the representative inheritors of velvet weaving techniques.

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