Velvet Craft

- Dec 28, 2018 -

Velvet used mulberry silk as raw material can also be used as mulberry silk, cotton yarn for weft interweaving on the ground, with mulberry silk or rayon pile loop. Weaving four wefts each weaving into a pile (fine wire), weaving to a certain length (about 20 cm or so), that is, cutting on the machine with a cutter along the wire, the wire is separated from the fabric, then the hair velvet. This plush design allows the pattern to be clearly displayed on the satin and shiny. The pattern constituting the fabric has two forms, one is velvet satin, that is, satin; the other is velvet satin, that is, velvet. There are monochrome and two-color, rich and luxurious, can be used for autumn and winter clothing or high-grade sofa sets, curtains and so on.

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