Velvet History

- Jan 04, 2019 -

The origin of velvet can be traced back to the Western Han Mirror, which was developed on the basis of the famous "Silkian" shearing in the Yuan Dynasty. It was mass-produced in the Ming Dynasty and sold to Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore and other places, especially popular among Japanese people. Velvet gradually developed from "texture" to "flowering" and "cutting flowers." And gradually perfect. "Fujian Tongzhi" described: the velvet of the Ming Dynasty "mechanized cloud steaming, robbing the heavenly work." The velvet fabric of the Ming Dynasty is silk. After the Ming Dynasty passed to the Nanjing Jiangning Weaving House in the Ming Dynasty, it was developed into a unique carved velvet in Nanjing. It was popular among the literati doctors. For a time, “Jinling Cashmere is expensive”, and the nobles and the nobles all compare to wear the carved flowers. Velvet is proud. The two important velvet objects in the Ming Dynasty were the velvet crown unearthed from the tomb of Wang Xijue in Suzhou and the double-faced velvet four-in-one embroidered dragon-filled women's clothing unearthed from Beijing Ming Dingling, and the blue single-faced velvet women's clothing.

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