Velvet Type

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Velvet has two types of flowers and vegetarians. The surface of the velvet velvet is all looped, while the velvet is a part of the velvet that is cut into fluff according to the pattern, and the fluff and the loop form a pattern. The flower velvet is divided into two types: "bright flower" and "dark flower". The pattern is more than the Qing Dynasty, the group dragon, the group phoenix, the Wufu holding life and the flowers and birds, Bogu, etc., the texture is commonly used in the bump to express, the color is black, purple sauce, apricot yellow Mainly blue and brown. The velvet fluff or loop is towering, the color is elegant, the fabric is firm and wearable, it is not easy to fade, and the back strength is good.

The velvet is a similar variety of velvet. It is made of black mulberry silk, and its machine is used for a pair of velvet rods.

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