French Velvet Padded Tufted Fabric Sofa

French Velvet Padded Tufted Fabric Sofa

French style velvet uphostered classic Reclining sofa button tufted fabric sectional sofa classification According to historical development, French sofas can be divided into Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical and imperial styles. Baroque Baroque refers to the French style popular in the French Louis...

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French style velvet uphostered  classic Reclining sofa button tufted fabric sectional sofa 


According to historical development, French sofas can be divided into Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical and imperial styles.


Baroque refers to the French style popular in the French Louis XIV period, with exaggerated, heavy classical forms of furniture featuring: Pursuing complex and exaggerated, magnificent, grandiose, giving more imagination to the dynamics. During this period, people changed the backrest and seat surface of the sofa to textile fabric, which was filled with soft brown, hemp, horsetail and cotton to make the seat comfortable. Sex has been greatly improved. In order to ensure the noble and magnificent palace furniture, the choice of textile fabrics is very particular. The color woven blankets of fine wool textiles produced by Saint-Cyr town are used. The patterns on the woven blankets are in addition to flowers, geometric patterns, and popular Greek myths and fables. . The most notable feature is that the straight leg of the sofa is turned into a curved leg, and the lower part of the sofa has a diagonal support and the structure is firm.


The Rococo style, also known as the French Louis XV style, is based on the decline of the feudal aristocratic culture in Europe. It represents the demise of the aristocratic class, the flamboyant aesthetic ideas and thoughts, and they cannot stand the serious rationality of classicism and the arrogance of Baroque. Pursuing beauty and leisure, with feminine femininity, the most famous design is the chair leg with the ballet as the prototype. Its furniture features: pursuing purity, simplicity, simplicity, and pursuing smooth lines and beautiful shapes in design. It is structurally conforming to the human scale and is comfortable. Like to use asymmetrical, broken curves and flowers, twisted swirls, shells, signs of love, flowers and animals. The furniture is lighter and more convenient to move. The color of the sofa is softer, the beige and white soft pattern is the main color, the legs of the sofa, no crosspiece.


The main appeal of neoclassicalism is the French Louis XVI period. The furniture features are: lighter, more feminine, and more delicate. Considering the design of the decorative patterns, mainly the rosettes, the bouquets and ribbons, and the combination of the cups are tied. Beautiful flower knots. The sofa legs are changed from curved legs to straight receding, and the lower part is tapered. It is in the shape of a quiver or a slender shape. The seat is equipped with a cushion. The back of the sofa is rectangular, oval or round, metal inlaid with the palace and gold-plated. The decor is beautiful and elegant, with decorative motifs from Greece.

Imperial style

The emperor's style existed in the period of the French imperial government. The furniture features: the furniture has a strong curve and a majestic proportion. The weight of the sofa is symmetric and uniform. It adopts the sticky structure of the dowel, the thick flat plank, the bronze support, and the silver. Bas-relief, gold-plated, widely used swirl curves and a small amount of decorative lines.


The origin of velvet can be traced back to the Western Han Mirror, which was developed on the basis of the famous "Silkian" shearing in the Yuan Dynasty. It was mass produced in the Ming Dynasty and sold to Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore, etc., especially Japanese. favorite. Velvet gradually developed from "texture" to "flowering" and "cutting flowers." And gradually perfect. "Fujian Tongzhi" described: the velvet of the Ming Dynasty "mechanized cloud steaming, robbing the heavenly work." The velvet fabric of the Ming Dynasty is silk. After the Ming Dynasty passed to the Nanjing Jiangning Weaving House in the Ming Dynasty, it was developed into a unique carved velvet in Nanjing. It was popular among the literati doctors. For a time, “Jinling Cashmere is expensive”, and the nobles and the nobles all compare to wear the carved flowers. Velvet is proud. The two important velvet objects of the Ming Dynasty were the velvet crown unearthed from the tomb of Wang Xijue in Suzhou and the double-faced velvet four-in-one embroidered dragon-filled women's clothing unearthed from Beijing Ming Dingling, and the blue single-faced velvet women's clothing.

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